Nifty GUI only supported on certain vesion of Android?

I was testing my game on two different phones, a BLU STUDIO 6.0 HD, running Android version 4.4 (Kit Kat), and an older phone, HTC One X, running Android version 4.1.2. Both were working fine without any kind of GUI. However, when I introduced a slider control with Nifty Gui v 1.3 (or whatever is default bundled with the SDK), it stopped working on the BLU STUDIO (v4.4), but works fine on my HTC One X (v4.1.2). The min SDK is set to 16, and the project target is 4.1.2. And I’ve tested, not attaching the screen, even while have nifty initialized, doesn’t stop the game. When the screen is attached, the phone enters a state such that the only way for me to get control of it back is to power it down, or after enough time, it seems like the phone does that automatically

Here is the log file after it “installs” successfully:

CLICKY (pastebin, because it’s so long)

So, is there a problem with android versions that Nifty GUI can’t handle? Other than that, I’m not sure. Because it’s the commenting out of one line that makes the difference. I can post my code if needed, but I feel like it’s not the issue.

my game works fine with Nifty under 4.4 (although I don’t use any advanced controls).

It is only the slider control which has introduced this problem, or does it happen with a simple gui?

If you are using any images in the UI, make sure they are power 2.

Actually, you are right. I should have noticed this before. The inital xml that is created that says hello world shows up just fine. It does seem to be the slider control. Now why would that be?

No images in the UI yet. Just default styles and controls.