Nifty GUI Rotation


I would like to rotate a panel in Nifty gui.

I have a minimap and on the minimap is the current camera position represented as a picture of a trapeze (some of you may know that from strategy games). When I move the camera on the map, the trapeze moves on the minimap. This works fine. But when I rotate the camera in the map, I would like to rotate the trapeze on the minimap. But it seems nifty does not support such rotation (please correct me if this assumption is wrong!).

So how would you guys do the rotation? Rotate the picture of the trapeze in java and update the picture in nifty all the time? At the moment this is my only idea. If anyone has a smarter solution this will be great!


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By the way, I think you mean “trapezoid”. A “trapeze” is something acrobats use in a circus.

Personally, I wouldn’t even use nifty for the minimap in the first place… even if using it for the rest of the GUI.

Yes …trapezoid…thx.

Why do you think nifty is not suitable for a minimap?
And even more interesting - what would you use instead?

Well, generally a mini-map is rendered by the application. Nifty has no involvement really other than (to me) make life harder.

If I were already rendering my minimap then I’d just display it. Plop a quad up or whatever.

Do you mean this off-screen rendering of the map and use the resulting picture as minimap?
At the moment my minimap looks like this:

The buttons beside the minimap shows resources, areas and buildings (overlaying pictures). This works quiet good. The black trapeziod in the upper right corner shows the camera.
I like this style for the minimap and I want to keep it.

But as you said I can put it on a quad. I give it a try.