Nifty gui start


Well after some other stuff done, I finally want to add a health display,

now my problem is, that the nifty examples from 1.1 do not work with 1.2,

while the HellWorld is well kinda much stuff for quite less, so I wonder if I miss some way to speed writing the xmls? Currently I use the eclipse integrated xml editor, wich at least makes sure I make no grammatical errors, and stay with default xml.

What I kinda want to know:

How can I access from java a element, like my health display to set the value?

How can I set the font? what type of fonts are supported?

Is there a way to simplify building gui's, like a visual editor or similar?

How can I display a image? (like on a button, or plain)

What Objects(xml elements) inside nifty does exist, and what are all parameters/attributes called in the xml (and what are they doing?)

There's a pretty cool interactive tutorial here:


Suggest you check it out, it explains the XML and everything.