Nifty GUI submit form

I need to get several fields values of Nifty screen (such as text fields etc.) in my java code by clicking submit button on same screen.
Is there something similar to web-form submit process (key=>value or id=>value) or how can I get screen fields values
after button was clicked? I use XML for describing my screens. Sample code would be greatly apreciated.
Thank you.

Nifty doesn’t function like a html form. Basically you need to retrieve a reference to the element you want to query the value of. All of this is explained pretty clearly in the nifty manual located -> Nifty Manual. I would recommend looking through it. It will save you time when working with nifty which can be a bit of a beast until you understand how it works.

As far as text fields go (pasted from the manual)…

[java]TextField textField = screen.findNiftyControl(“input”, TextField.class);[/java]