Nifty Hints with dynamic text

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I’ve used the Nifty Hint effect a few times ( and it works well but I need to make the text inside the popup dynamic and I can’t see any easy way to do that. I need the text to be generated each time the popup appears, ideally I’d then be able to update it after as well although I can live without that.

Something might be possible with a custom control but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the best way to do this?



I think the answer I gave some time ago would work quite well for changing the hint text prior of displaying it:

Changing the text after the hint is being displayed would probably not work right now since the Hint effect will dynamically add a layer to display the hint. And the layerId for this layer is dynamically created and not exposed right now :confused:

Thanks, I’ll give that a try tomorrow. I’d like to be able to update (it will be showing the current value of a bar when you hover over it so ideally it would update as the bar changes) but this should still help a lot.

You can always use the current hint effect as the base for your own effect and basically do whatever you want in your own copy :wink: The effect is not that complicated.

I agree that the “change the hint text while the hint is displayed”-feature would be nice to have in the build-in effect as well…


You got that working?

So far I’ve managed to dynamically add an Hint but nothing is showing up when hovered above. :confused: There’s no error or warning so I imagine this should work. But, as it’s been mentioned in that linked thread, maybe this can’t be done.

As far as I could understand this should probably work. But, I might have misunderstood something.


private void addHintToDraggable(ImageBuilder image, String text) {

HoverEffectBuilder hint = new HoverEffectBuilder(“hint”);

hint.getAttributes().setAttribute(“hintDelay”, “100”);

hint.getAttributes().setAttribute(“hintText”, text);




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I am away from computer for a weekend. Can reply in detail next week, but no I didn’t get it working. I’ve rolled my own replacement for the whole nifty popup system but no hover hints yet.