Nifty popup mouse event problem

Hi there,

i have tried to modify the behavior of the popup to close itself, if the mouse button is released instead of onClick.

But the method defined at the interact element is called when the mouse is moved right after the click to open the popup.

(Have tried it also with the EventBus and an own Controller with the same behavior)

This is the modifed popup definition:


<popup id="niftyPopupMenuCustom" childLayout="absolute-inside" controller="">

<interact onRelease="closePopup()" />

<control id="#menu" name="niftyMenu" />


Controller and the rest of the menu are niftys standard controls.

Can someone tell me, what I do wrong?

Thanks in advance!!!


PS: I am using Nifty as it is provided by the jMonkeyEngine SDK3.0beta. says version 1.3.1-SNAPSHOT