Nifty: Read Language properties in Java

I know i can use the file in XML like this:

<resourceBundle id="statics" filename="Language/statics"/>
<resourceBundle id="buttons" filename="Language/buttonsAndLabels"/>


But how would i ask for that file, if i were the current Controller and wanted to get a value out of that for maybe a “setText” command on a label ?

I am just unfamiliar in using this, so i can’t really search anything worthy for my question…

So is this a nifty question? Or are you using some other gui toolkit?

This is a nifty question.
Otherwise i have that properties and they should be anywhere in my App i think, so i could get them.
I know they come along anyway in this

Properties parameter, Attributes controlDefinitionAttributes

so they should be, where i want them to be.
But how do i choose them now ?

My Controller wants to set a new Text, which is held in the language file

Any further ideas on naming this method ???
It’s working:

public String getLanguageFileText(String file, String object){
    return nifty.getResourceBundles().get(file).getObject(object).toString();

It’s plain old Java really.

final ResourceBundle resourcebundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle("Language/buttonsAndLabels");
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