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Hi everyone. Just for future reference, I use Eclipse. So yes, I’ve been trying to use Nifty GUI. The only problem is that I can’t see the source for it. It’s very annoying, as I can’t seem to be able to do stuff because I can’t see how to do it -.- I’ve tried importing the JAR (it brought up everything OTHER than the java files -.-), I’ve tried the tutorials (on the Nifty website, which I later discovered I was using 1.3, not 1.2)

So yeah, is there a javadoc or anything for Nifty 1.3?? It would be very helpful if I could see the source (especially for the examples and normal JAR…) Thanks…


Heya, to add source (and unavoidable with it, the javadoc)…

add this svn repo location

and Find/Check Out As each of these 3 projects:





(well maybe only first you’d need)

then Project Properties on jme3 project and Java Build Path->Libraries

to each of the seen jars (similar name with the projects you just got out) attach source

like so:

If you don’t understand something let me know, I’ll try to be more specific

Also, if you’re in your own project and you somehow get this:

then click attach source and select the src folder (- or do as you did for jme3 project above)

you only need to do this once per your own project

[this last part only happened to me when I tried to use lwjgl source, although it was set in jme3, it wasn’t in my own project]

tested with Eclipse 3.7 M6a Indigo

you could combine the solution posted by cyuczieekc but instead of svn checking out the source directly you could simply download a matching nifty source jar that is now being build automatically each night:

please note using maven and especially the m2eclipse plugin getting the source jar (and the java doc) is just a right click “Maven / Download Sources” away :smiley:

please note in case you’re using the nifty version packaged with jme3 nightly builds this solution might not work for you because the jme3 nifty is being build separated

What are the chances of getting Javadocs somewhere (anywhere?) too?

Actually pretty good. I’d like to link to the javadocs from the wiki pages I’ve written for the standard controls too. This way I don’t have to copy large portions of source into the wiki which sucks :slight_smile:

A very old version is available here which is part of the an even older maven project page It’s awesome old and it haven’t been updated in years - proceed with caution when watching these pages :smiley:

In fact I’ve just rediscovered that page and updating it is no big deal BUT since the todo list for nifty 1.3 consists of only 8 entries and I don’t really want to update this to 9 :wink: … this will be part of the things I’d like to do post Nifty 1.3.

Here is the Java Doc for the current Nifty 1.3 SNAPSHOT Version:

As well as a Draft for the Maven Project Page:

This is the first Java open source project I have ever used without posted javadocs. And it’s especially odd for a mavenized project since it’s always the maven users that big me about having -sources.jar and -javadocs.jar files right next to my release jars. :stuck_out_tongue:

The code is beautiful and well commented but I shouldn’t have to look at it to find what method to call. :slight_smile:

maybe you are the very first that wants a html page :stuck_out_tongue: and everybody else is happy with a simple right click in their IDE to get all of the javadoc/source stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be. After all… the source has only been available that way (to me) for about 20 minutes. :wink:

That stuff is nice when you already sort of know what to call. I prefer full javadocs for browsing around to find the other things I might want to call and don’t know about yet.

It just seemed strange that javadocs weren’t available considering all of the tooling that makes that nearly a non-issue. I’m not really a maven user, though. I see many maven projects upload their -javadocs.jar right next to their releases so I assumed it was easy.

For now I guess I’ll just continue browsing the source. Reminds me of the C++ days. :wink:

Here is the Java Doc for the current Nifty 1.3 SNAPSHOT Version:

As well as a Draft for the Maven Project Page:

Happy now? :smiley:

[java]mvn site:deploy[/java]

… and a lot of head scratching to upgrade the maven site plugin for Maven 3.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I just peed a little I’m so excited. :slight_smile: heheheh

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Wait, is this the build with jME? Thanks for the help.


No. This is the current svn version which might not be the one bundled in JME3 BUT there should be not many differences because 1.3 is pretty stable (in general that is, there might be some minor changes).

When you’re using the latest jme3 nighly builds this should match the online java doc pretty well I think.