Nifty Templets Disappeared

Hello All

So the issue I am having is that all the template files for the GUI have disappeared. For instance the screen.xml, the tutorial tells you to open it from the new file menu. The first time I have I did the tutorial yesterday i found a GUI folder with all the files needed but after deleting the tutorial all those files are gone, the whole folder is gone. Even the libs say they can’t find the file, I have done everything short of deleting JME and reinstalling.

I am sure there is a simple solution and its likely operator error, but I can’t find anything or anyone that has the same issue. I am running the latest version of JME3 Beta on windows 7 I am not sure how to ask this question so If you need more information please ask and I will answer asap.

[UPDATE] Reinstalling solved the issue sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

Is there any solution for this problem besides the reinstallation?

So with that you mean that i really have to reinstall the JME3? Becouse any of the solutions in there don’t seem to work in my case. :’(

[Update] I finally made it work after some reinstallation trys

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