Nifty XML Design doesn't refresh

Well , I guess title says it all.
For refreshing the design view i have to close .xml and reopen it

Any patches? fixes?

Save the file after modification and try again.

My hand bearly moves from ctrl+s . I doesn’t work.

I just noticed that nifty has 1.4 update available. So can any professional tell me is it safe to update nifty by myself. if yes, then how?

Tools > Plugins > Update (tab) > Check for Update(button)

Check the updates you want to make and click the Update button.

But I highly doubt it will solve the issue you are having.

It didn’t find update for nifty. So there aren’t any other fixes to it ?

You can try the nightly updates, but you game might break if you use nighty.

Plugin > Settings > check jMonkeyMonkey SDK Nightly and trying Checking for update again.

I’m not nightly versions friend… So I will skip that.

No matter i have almost finished my project with nifty already. Still, thank you for your help.

Ok. I just found out that i can’t even switch between different screens. To change screens i have to switch their order, which is no a big problem, but just really annoying having problems with nifty

Normally the nifty file is reloaded in the preview when you switch from the editor to the preview, dunno why it doesn’t work for you though. Doesn’t have to do anything with the version of the nifty library btw.

I got the exact same issue. I just close and re-open the file or I test iit ingame. But it is really annoying ideed.

I have this problem aswell.
It makes it impossible to preview anything other than the 640x480 fit.

I got this problem also on Ubuntu 15.04, using JME SDK, but after reading about Nifty Java, I switched to it. Just make a “compose” method, debug and apply code on every change and you’ll have a preview of it.

Of course if it worked would be better, but atm I have to focus on my game engine it self :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: