NiftyGui chaining effects


Do you guys know any examples or tips how to chain effects and call them manually form java code.

For example: I need a rectancle to move in from top, when it stops then I want it’s height to increase (right now I got this height part with controlDefinintion, can I also do it with an effect?), then wehen height has increased to maximum allowed pixels I need to fade in some content + a scrollbar.

Would appreciate any help thanks :slight_smile:

I belive I already found a satisfactory answer for that.

Nifty tutorial

Answered a few of my questions :slight_smile:

well, probably not what you really want but the startDelay property of an effect can be used for this. The idea is to just add several effects and start them one after the other by coordinating the length properties of the individual effects with the startDelay property of the other effects:

onStartScreen … startDelay=β€œ0” length=β€œ100”

onStartScreen … startDelay=β€œ100” length=β€œ1000”

onStartScreen … startDelay=β€œ1100” length=β€œ10”

probably not a very elegant solution (I know) but this will work for simple cases…