NiftyGui javadoc?


I am getting to grips with NiftyGui and quite enjoying using it so far.

I am now trying to get access programatically to a <label> element I have defined in my xml but I cannot work out how to do it.

I want to append stuff to the label programatically - so I thought lets find some javadoc…and thats where it all went wrong.

I cant.

Does anybody know how to do what I want to do - or know where the javadoc is!?

It would be nice to see the javadoc incorporated into the jme3 javadoc :slight_smile:

No sign of javadoc, there's some info on the nifty wiki though

Momoko gave a link here to an interactive tutorial, that's quite instructive

Actualy, browsing the wiki i found the download repository where you can find javadoc and sources