NiftyGUI previews now work!


the OffView panel introduced for the model importer has proven to be very useful, NiftyGUI XML files now come with the preview that was there for long but never worked :slight_smile:

WIP - Mouse interaction doesn’t work yet.




I also found that the main tag in the nifty xml template was broken and so code completion for nifty files was broken too, if you have existing nifty files, change the nifty tag to this to make code completion work (Ctrl-Space in nifty xml documents):

pre type="xml"
<nifty xmlns=“” xmlns:xsi=“


Heres a preview:

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This is actually a quite awesome feature! Saves me alot of time to be able to preview what the gui will look like without having to load the whole app.

Yes, I still have to see how I can add nifty-themes from the projects classpath to the editor. atm they wont work, only the built-in or black styles will…

Two bugs/issues:

  1. Previews seem to be broken since last update.

  2. jMP crashes when in nifty design preview and selecting “Projects” window (undocked).

    Windows 7, 64-bit.

Huh? What previews? I didnt change anything to the NiftyPreview?

Previews work here.

Strange. Worked fine yesterday, not today.

The crash is something i’ve seen for a while, though.

Any error stack traces via the warning sign or log? You say it crashes when you have the nifty or the projects window detached?

Edit: Just tested on OSX with the latest update and I have no problems…

Where can i find the log?

Some further testing and it seems to happen when clicking the Navigator window as well.

Yes, when i have “design” selected on my xml file (not detached window), and click in a detached window.

Regarding issue 1. My preview seems to be a bit on and off, depending on restart it seems.

Its in the /dev/var/log subfolder of the preferences folder, the location of the preferences folder is visible in the “About” screen of jMP.

I know that the nifty preview will be screwed up if you hit on the scene viewer as the preview is opened. Or it will not work if the Scene Viewer is closed.

Yep, closing the SceneViewer is not supported atm, its basically shutting down the main jMP processing thread.

Sorry, couldn’t find anything exceptional in the logs. I guess a problem is it actually freezes, not crashes. I’ll have a closer look a bit later.

I have same problem with rickard, after update, using win 7 64bit

I have found the solution 4 the problem, just change the font from font=“aurulent-sans-17.fnt” to font=“aurulent-sans-16.fnt”

How do you turn those previews on? Can’t find it anywhere.

Create a Nifty XML File, open it in the jMEDK, then click the design tab

[Edit: I moved my comment to a new support request here: [Support request] NiftyGUI design preview getting stuck – preview won’t change upon edit ]