Niftygui setVisible seems recursive


I use setVisible on a hidden panel, and all its hidden children appear although they are defined as visible=“false” and should appear later in the code, not when the parent shows up

        <layer id="nodesInfosLayer" backgroundColor="#0000" childLayout="absolute">
            <panel id="nodesInfosPanel" width="100" height="100" backgroundColor="#0000" childLayout="absolute" visible="false"> 
                <panel id="hudGlassPanel" x="35" y="-43" width="160" height="133" backgroundColor="#0000" childLayout="absolute" visible="false"> 
                    <image id="hudGlassImage" x="0" y="0" width="160" height="133" filename="Textures/hud_glass.png" />


is there a way to preserve children states when parent.setVisible(true) is called ?
so far, I set the parent visible and manual set invisiible the children, wich is tedious and prone to errors


or is there an alternative to nifty ?? cos childs visible while root parent is not, I mean, come on…

There are several,

ToneGod ui
and probably several more.

ok, thanks :slight_smile: