Niftygui silent mode?


for now I is not particular problem

but I want to do something

My application uses 2 button to navigate the object is selected

but the problem and who does not really one to the extent it works

each pressing one of two button

it generated in the console "ATTENTION " …

when I call the method through niftygui


8 mars 2011 18:41:08 de.lessvoid.nifty.NiftyMethodInvoker callMethod


Will there be a way to prevent this

a silent mode?

thank you

You probably let the button call a method that doesnt exist, just remove that call from the onclick tag.

when he and debug any problem

but when in normal mode and I use the scroll bar

I get this “Warning” and the scrollbar does not work

but when I’m not I debug message is

and everything works without “Attention” in console

and I deliberately make a mistake on a button called the function of this type and the message Attention appears even in debug

I dont quite understand you, sorry. Are you by any chance running an application with nifty gui as an applet?

My Application Is an applet

lunch with the method


it works in debug

no message in the console

with all the functionality of the scrollbar

it does not work in run

with the message (warning)

and then only when I took the slider of the scrollbar

up or down

thank for your answer

I board but really struggling with English

Try updating to the latest nightly version, NiftyGUI 1.2 had problems with calling methods in an applet, NiftyGUI 1.3 fixes that.

arf just what I wanted to avoid

thank for precision

and im test with nitfy 1.3

when I converted

Heh, no way of getting around progress forever :wink:

  • nothing lasts forever but the certainty of change

great now all function not run

I just spent a party in the project nifty 1.3

I am not in applet

and the same error occurs ie

when I use the software in run mode

i have warning and I do not use the scrollbar elevator

and when I am in debug mode, no problem

no message

(To be sure I caused an error of the same type and I have in debug mode and run mode)