Nifty's element doesn't work


Is there any problem with Nifty’s element in the current JME3RC2 build?

  1. Creating a new BasicGame project
  2. Adding a new “Empty NiftyGui file…” to the Interface folder
  3. Opening newNiftyGui.xml and changin to Design view ->
  4. -> doesn’t work.

I mean the design view displays nothing.
Deleting the entire element “solves” the problem.

Text on buttons works fine… regarding to Nifty’s documentation buttons use the same element (although i think they has already been compiled)
I did try deleting a few parameters of text or changing the Font but no success.

Please enlighten me :slight_smile:

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The built in nifty editor in the SDK I found too fragile/limited to really be useful. There’s a non-integrated nifty editor that someone is making as a separate project…or I just work in XML/Java and ignore the editor completely :slight_smile:

I feel dumb… I can’t get Nifty working.

Creating a fresh a project with a fresh auto-generated nifty xml simply doesn’t run!

“AssetNotFoundException: aurulent-sans-17.fnt”

adding a custom font (which used to work before RC2) doesn’t work either.

deleting the “font” attribute from text element resulting:
“WARNING: missing font in renderText! could it be that you’re using elements without a font or style attribute? in case you’ve replaced with you’re probably missing style=‘nifty-label’”

Have I forgotten something?

I see a convert in my future >.<

Seriously though, do you use Nightly? Or?

No, I am using “stable”.

You are probably missing an asset jar or something.

If you create a font and then use that (and make absolutely sure that the path to it is correct) then it works. I do that all the time.

nevermind, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. How should I expect to help? :slight_smile:

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Hmm… using absolute path for font name works fine. I didn’t use use absolute font path in the previous version of JME JDK. I might not aware of how nifty resolves font path names.

Had the same problem my self. Go to the source and change to this


worked for me, maybe you’ve already figured it out :wink: