Night #2 of being bored ... Rotating supernova shader

Another night of shader coding and I came up with this super nova shader. It’s rendered on a 2D quad of course :wink:

3d super nova rendered on a 2D quad by my new shader


wow looks really great

I am slowly turning my space game into a fully procedure generated set of assets … starting with shaders. Once I am done with the shaders I will release them for everyone to use. No point in people re-inventing the wheel.


Mind… ahem, supernova blown! Looks awesome!

Btw anyone knows why yt link doesnt embed?

Cool stuff,
In case you didn’t know about ShaderToy ( I think it’s a nice playground for developing shaders and it has loads of shaders to be inspired from.


I play with shaders in the shader editor of jMB with recompilation on save :wink:


@zissis Holy shit, what’s going wrong with you? This looks so cool! Really nice! Good job :wink:

I wish I would have such boring nights like you do!

@jmaasing That’s the site that inspired my work. It’s a GREAT learning platform.

Is this the kind of music you‘re listening to when working on spaceshift?

From time to time I listen to the playlist during developing :wink: