Nightly Build

if there is no intention in continuing support for this - it should be removed

i think, it wouldn’t be a bad idea tho to set it up correctly tho.

So you could check daily if the source in the repository is complete (no missed files in check in’s) and compilable.

Cruise Control for example can do automated builds.

The problem is that we still don't have a server which can execute the builds. I was providing one until April, but I cannot anymore.

Ok, I've updated the nightly build page on the main site to point out they are out of date.

Have a server on 24/7, so cant just sit around and allow this to continue any longer …

I will happily host the builds if everyone agrees.

For me that would be fine. I'd be great to have nightly builds again!

Simply fire up 'cvs up -d' and 'ant nightly' in a cron job and put the results somewhere accessible if you don't care about the bandwidth usage. If you need to have the files hosted somewhere else we need a solution for that (darkfrog?), too.

Getting them off my server would be appreciated…that server is getting way too much traffic now from various other endeavors so I'm happy to help in any way I can to get a little bit of bandwidth back. :slight_smile:

Should be able to provide some bandwidth too - are you guys in control of the robot.txt so the search engines dont follow the dl

tempted to try CruiseControl - have heard good things about it, but if you already have the cron scripts, ill go ahead and use whats there for now. if you could email them please to , i will look to have them up and ready for the end of the weekend

is ant nightly the right option ??

Also will need to specify the storepass - is this a secret or can any value be put in…

also - when creating the keytore, would be usefull to know what params to use e.g.

keytool -genkey -keystore JmeKeyStore -alias -validity 365

Shall we also get a version in there somewhere - maybe just a build date in a text file or in the jar metadata. Any ideas appreciated, guess it would be nice to have in a log statement somwhere when running jme.

jME-Physics and some other projects I'm involved with rely on Continuum.  I like that one alright, I've never been a big fan of CruiseControl, but it's been a while since I've used it.  Perhaps Irrisor can shed some more light on this.

There is no special cron script, yet. So I can't send it.

I like continuum because of the nice maven 2 support. But any build server (or cron job) should be fine as we need to have the ant file run to get all those separate jars. The maven stuff generates a single jar.

You can create a new keystore to sign the jars (options do not really matter, no idea what I used), the jme keystore is used for releases.

Be sure to let me know when it's sorted and I'll update the nightly build page again.

and are you able to add a 'no follow' on the robots.txt ??

Nope, you'll probably have to talk to Mojo for that.

Mojo, renanse can you add an entry to the robots.txt file please when the url is available for the nightly build

Will have to be mojo, I don't seem to have ftp access anymore…  :?

k, thanks renanse.

the build script includes ftp, do you want them hosted on some web space i have ( ), or ftp'd to

if i figure out how to get cruisecontrol working with maven, the nightly build will become the last stable build.

you'll need to host them on your site, ftp is messed up on the main site (which lead to the whole issue), without much success with lunarpages fixing it. Basically, the only ftp account that works is the admin account. Creating accounts for ftp access is broken.

What exactly do I need to add to the robot.txt file?

… sent a PM

the robots.txt is at

its worth it to check this is consistent with the current site.

I will host the build files, ill send two entries to be added to the robots.txt when I have the url's of the build

we are in business …

Can you please test first - check you are happy.

the url is

the last build was done from yesterdays cvs, the files are hosted and will look to get scripts setup to run it every day

I will do it manually everyday until scripts are running

Still in limbo with the scripts, if anyone can help with the automated build and deploy …