Nightly builds - where are they


as the title says, I am missing the nightly builds. The link point to wrong place …

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I realized a week or so ago that my SDK has not done any nightly updates for a long time. After checking the SDK update settings and re-installing I did some forum searching and found a few tidbits that indicate nightly updates were broken at some point in the last few months. I figured if it was a problem effecting everyone there would be a whole lot more forum activity and seeing as nightly updates were not critical to me I put the issue aside.

Today after spotting your post I checked my SDK again and no updates still.

  • The update XML used by the SDK is time stamped 26/05/2013.
  • The nightly build link on the website shows “FIle not found”

I rechecked the forums and found a few mentions of SDK updates not working but I didn’t find any resolution or time frame on the issue. Is building from the SVN the only way to get updates at the moment?