Nightly builds work again

As the recent server update broke the mingw / cmake combination for compiling the native bullet binaries there were no nightly builds for a few weeks now. So for now the bullet build has been disabled and the nightly builds / updates work again. This means of course any native bullet updates don’t go (and didn’t go) to the nighty builds of the binaries anymore.

Theres new updates available now :slight_smile:




yippie o/

You changed your avatar now I don’t know who you are!

great. great work.

@androlo said:
great. great work.

heh, I just needed to comment out the bullet build..

Still can't make cmake not check the mingw compiler without that silly -rdynamic switch in this ubuntu version:
Going back in the versions causes a slew of other downversioning so a separate build server or a workaround for that silly issue would be nice..

I already looked for solutions for the -rdynamic check a bit but didn't find any workaround yet. The following commands were mentioned over at the cmake community when somebody else had a similar issue but don't seem to work :/
[xml] <arg value="-DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON"/>