Nightly builds

I just read this thread:

And the guy is right - What about a nightly build download?

I can build jme automatically on our servers at work (and check every checkin for compilation and test results).

But I would not want to host a download there. Can it be put on

Our should we put it in files? Can I submit there from a script? And delete old build?

Any proposals / objections?

I can set up a ftp account and directory for you on

Let me know if that would work for what you are thinking.

FTP is fine.

Results can be viewed here:

(please don't give this link away)

As our current system does support a single jar only, I'm currently working on extending this - but the single one works already…

Seems that I can only add a single FTP account atm. Which is taken up with the webstart account. However, I did set it up to have a 'nightly' directory. This directory can be used to store the nightly builds. I'll e-mail the password. See if this is enough, if not let me know and I'll figure something out.

Logging into the webstart account will put you in www/webstart, and 'nightly' is under that.

So, first nightly builds are working. The jars are uploaded separately (for webstart, still signed with a dummy key) and in a zip file (including all natives in a lib directory).

And I have added a 'Main' class to invoke tests, but java -jar jmetest.jar does not work - manifest still seems to be wrong…

Additionally the java.library.path would be missing. To circumvent this we could put the natives in the same directory (not in libs) - what do think?

Hmm, as already reported here

my changes in the build file require ant 1.6.2.

Is this ok as an requirement or should I work around this?

I don't have a problem requiring 1.6.2 (it's what is installed on my systems).

I have 1.5.4, but I don't have a problem forcing ppl to upgrade something like ant.  It's pretty safe to assume it won't hurt other projects they are working on.

Fine, I'll post it in Dev General.

What about the jar signing? Should I generate a separate nightly build key?

And how should we provide access to the files

  • simply link to the directory?
  • index.html generated while building?
  • some page in the cms that lists files?

    Another point: should the date be included in the filenames? Should we keep old files? (could consume much space)

I'd recommend a new key for the night builds with a "beta" signature.  And we should keep the data files as the same jar each time to conserve space.

Another suggestion, we could keep the latest build as the same name so that jws users and websites can simply point to it (potentially) and always get the most recent version.

Ok, nightly builds including webstart stuff are up and running (each day 3:00 am CEST).  :slight_smile:

Only the access page/link is missing.

The zip should contain everything to run the tests, but the jmetest.jar cannot be started by doubleclicking:

  • native libraries are not at the same level
  • for some reason the classpath in meta-inf is not used

    (does work with a long command line)

    Any suggestions?

Added a link to main site. Only linked the zip for now.