Nightly updates... um... update?

Are these gone for good? Or? Is it personal? :wink:

There has been a server switch, and nightlies broke and have been unavailable since.
The problems are being worked on, but if the nightlies are still not there, it’s obviously not done yet.

I downloaded the SDK and did “ant run”, that worked.
Unfortunately, “ant zip” didn’t, so I was recompiling the SDK every time I wanted to run it. (Actually it just rebuilds the javadoc, javac is smart enough not to recompile if the class files are newer than the sources.) It’s annoying but I just do the equivalent of getting a coffee while the SDK starts.

There might also be an issue with Java 6. An update broke anything Netbeans-related, which now hangs or crashes, typically after opening a dialog.
I don’t know whether another Java 6 update has solved that issue; I hear using Java 7 instead of Java 6 solves that problem.

Oh, and glad to have you back and hear you’re recovering. Best wishes and all that.

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I thought maybe I missed something since it’s been so long (and the lack of questions on the subject led me to think I was needing to re-install the SDK or some such nonsense). I haven’t really had a need to update anything… it was more of a “like keeping current so API changes don’t end up piling up so bad that I want to scrap what I am working on.”… It’s happened (mostly due to Nifty… buuuuut… it did happen) =)

I just checked-out the svn & whenever I want the latest engine built, I open it up in jMonkeyEngine and build it. I then add all the JARs from my built version of jME3 instead of the ones from my original jME3 install.

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