No "convert to JME3 binary" option

Hey all,

When I go to right click an .obj file in my assets the only option I receive is “Show Javadoc” and its grayed out. I can view my model along with its materials, but it won’t allow me to convert it to a .j3o file.

Can you make a screenshot?

oO You are digging in the “Libraries” node, check further up under “Project Assets”.

ahahaha. I’m a noob.

Thanks mate!

No problem, fyi, thats the class path of your application, it shows all the jars and folders that are on the class path. You can even copy-paste stuff from there to the Project Assets using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V e.g. to copy over assets from the jme3-testdata library or to copy shaders/materials as an example.

I see, that makes sense.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m trying to get the town loaded from the zip file and for some reason it says

" error: cannot find symbol

assetManager.registerLocator(“”, ZipLocator.class.getName());

symbol: class ZipLocator

location: class HelloAssets"

I have the zip file in my project folder (HelloAssets) along with build.xml, /src, /Project Assets, etc. I don’t believe this is the problem. Its not recognizing the class ‘Zip Locator’ I believe. I just copied and pasted the code so all the proper library items should be in there.

Bear with me here, its been a few years since I’ve programmed in Java, and even then it was a little different style.

it needs to be in the project root folder.

I tried it one directory up, which I believe would have to be the project root folder, and I’m still getting the same compiler error.

Uh you didn’t import the ZipLocator class, press Ctrl-Shift-I. The red lines actually mean something’s wrong there ^^

Ahh there we go. It works. That’s what I figured was wrong, but I didn’t know which class to import, and I figured the red lines meant the class was missing or something.

Just for reference what does “Ctrl-Shift-I” do? Does it import missing classes or just the ZipLocator class?

It adds missing imports. Check the manual or enter “import classes” in the search field up right.