No Dynamic Mesh Collision Shape?

So I using JBullet-JME in JME 2 of course, and I want to do Mesh accurate collisions for a couple of objects (e.g. road cone) because no generic shape fits this.  The problem is when I try to do this for a non-static physics node, it doesn't collide with anything.  I tried do a similar change in and I get the same results.  It seems only collisions are responsive for mesh collision shape when it's static (mass = 0).  Is this a bug, or is there any way to fix this?

The GImpactCollisionShape supports collision for dynamic meshes, although, it isn't as fast as the static one. Also, I am not sure if Dynamic Mesh vs. Dynamic Mesh collisions supported.

Its the GImpact collision shape type you're searching for, not Mesh. Mesh is for static meshes only. gimpact-gimpact works. And yes, please use Mesh for static ones, because its way faster.



Thanks guys!  :smiley: