No loader type registered "" when loading .j3m material file

I created j3m material file using the sdk’s built-in. Then i put the file into the materials folder and then when I attempt to load it and apply it to a geometry, it says no loader type registered for “”. Any help is appreciated.

It looks like your texture has no file suffix?

what do you mean the texture doesnt have a suffix? The texture files are .png.

If i uncheck the alpha map repeat checkbox, it works, but the texture doesnt show up.

alpha map? are you trying to create a terrain material? an alpha map is nothing you could see. Actually it will make your whole object one-colored if you apply it wrong.

the box was checked by default, i unchecked it. I’m just trying to make a normal material for a spatial.

What material definition are you using? Did you read the manual (press F1 when the editor is open)?

The help file sometimes doesnt open for some reason. I am using the lighting material definition found in Common/MatDefs/Common/Light/lighting.j3md

You can also open the help from the main menu. When the scene is active it catches the input.

what am i supposed to do in help menu? It’s not even opening when i use the main menu to open it.

I think there’s something wrong with the Lighting.j3md file. Cause i tried other jmonkey jar files with another project that uses the exact same texture files with the Lighting.j3md and it works.