No longer able to close jMP...?

I opened the plugins menu and decided to update all the stuff that needed it. A few plugins said “Also installing [some update here] because it’s required” so I clicked through and restarted when it was done. Then it started up and said that some modules were missing. All the missing modules were the ones it said it would be installing alongside the others because they were required. So I started it with those modules disabled, and opened the plugins again, and there were still 4 things that needed updating. Each one was the required things, going from v3.0.3 to v3.0.4. So I clicked to update all of them, and it just instantly finished and asked me to restart now or later. I chose now, it started up, no errors, but those 4 updates are still there no matter how many times I “update” them.

And now, when I close jMP, it just reopens itself. If I open Task Manager, there are 2 instances of it open in Processes, and I have to end both really quickly before it opens itself again.

on linux i experienced a similiar bug (with updates not “sticking”), the issue ended up being a user permissions issue. judging by the fact you mentioned “task manager” im assuming youre on windows though.

just some guesses, do you have uac on? if so have you tried running the sdk as an admin? (right click-> run as admin).

as for the reopening itself deal, i have no idea about that

Some people experienced this with earlier installers. But mostly because they ran the app as admin once and then the app could not write to the settings folder anymore in normal user mode…


I only have one user on this computer, and it’s (obviously) the administrator. Funny thing is, other programs have complained about not having permission to modify folders like ProgramData, Program Files, etc. and I’m still not sure why. I had to completely uninstall and reinstall jMP to fix the problem, but it’s working now. Another interesting problem that was caused by that, was that my Project Assets folder wouldn’t show up in the IDE. I would have to go to Libraries > (path to assets directory) > asset directory I wanted.

If you ever find out why this is happening, a post here would be much appreciated. I always thought it was user rights issues but we never found an actual solution apart from “reinstalling”.

I’ll have to try. I can’t reinstall or update Skype because it says I don’t have the permissions required. I’ve tried using batch files to gain full ownership over every folder it says I can’t access but the problem consists. sigh I wish Linux was as widely supported as Windows. I’d switch over without a second thought.

if you have UAC turned on in windows (which it is by default) then you’re not actually running as “admin” even if youre the only user.

easiest solution to fix permission issues with your programs to turn it off (since it doesnt really do anything significant to protect you from hackers anyway):

ideally the sdk and programs you make with it could work with it on since your users might not feel comfortable turning it off, but the easiest thing to do is just turn it off.