"No material file found for ..."

hello Forum,

i am new at jMonkey… teen in Blender… old in Java development.

In Blender is Ogre installed and I export my first Landspeeder… I think it has a material:


if I do import this file (landspeeder.scene) it comes following message:


what is wrong?

In blender, set the material name equal to the scene name, and export it again, and make sure they are in the same folder. cya.

thanks for replay.

in the first picture you see the material has the same name… I spend some time for tutorials :wink:

Now I export it again.

If all deselected >> export ok with only a .scene file.

If I select only the Mesh and export >> it exports only a .material file and give me the following Error:


'Mesh' object has no attribute 'faces'

ah, ok… thanks. Is this a problem or can I ignore this?

Is this a right way, select some in the scene to export?

No matter what is selected if you unselect ‘selected only’.

nothing is selected if I unselect ‘selected only’.

and I dont have .xml files like in: https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:advanced:3d_models?s[]=blender#creating_models_and_scenes

Is the Exporter OK?


idk. it’s very strange, maybe you can upload your model here so someone can verify it…

the blend file: http://www.t-brieskorn.de/images/zeug/tmp/LandSpeeder.blend.zip

…but the behavior is the same at all my blender files.