No mouse being displayed for Nifty GUI [SOLVED]

Hello guys,

I am following the HelloJme.xml example to the letter, but I cannot seem to get the mouse to appear. I can tab out and back in to the window, but as soon as I click, the mouse dissappears again.

This is bound to be obvious, but I can’t spot it. I am definitely running:


Is there something else?

  • Richard

try flyCam.setDragToRotate(true);

Thanks Nehon,

I did initially search for “nifty cursor” and got no luck. Searching for just “cursor”, I found this result on the third page:

For some reason, the “” has “flyCam.setDragToRotate(true)” commented out. So when you try this on the “TestChooser.exe”, it doesn’t work either!

But thank you. I can safely say I would never have worked that one out!

  • Richard