No mouse cursor for AbsoluteMouse

I'm trying to get a texture tied to AbsoluteMouse but it seems I'm missing something.

The texture is ok, I tried it with TestAbsoluteMouse from jmetest. What I try is to switch between RelativeMouse and AbsoluteMouse. The switch itself works just the texture is not visible.

That is the MouseHandler I use:

The loadMouseCursor2() is the one I used initially, the loadMouseCursor() is a copy from a HudNode class.

Is it one of these updateXXX() functions again?

I already do that:

public void setMouseCursor() {

if (! mouseCursorLoaded)




absoluteMouse.updateGeometricState(0,true);"setMouseCursor() absoluteMouse: "+absoluteMouse.getImageWidth()+"x"+absoluteMouse.getImageHeight());


isMouseLook = false;


as far as i know you don't have to set the texture coordinates (at least i don't do and it works) and you might want to try some other alpha function combination (i actually don't understand how they work - the wiki misses that information - but i know some combinations didn't work for me)  :expressionless:

Have a look at TestAbsoluteMouse - test if it works for you then have a look what's the difference (it is pretty short).