No need to call PhysicsObject.getSpatial().updateWorldVectors any longer

… in most cases – when you're dealing with nested nodes and compounded objects you should still call it.

What has happened is that syncToGraphical makes the call for you, which is now also invoked when an object is added to the world.

EDIT: this also fixed the particle test that was broken before.

Per, good job on the progress you are making.  Sounds like you've been very busy as of late.  Kudos!

Hey, thanks! I do my best :roll:

guest: yes, I'll document this all soon. I'm working on a guide for a little more overall look over both the externals and internals of the system, both for making it easier to use, and to make it easier to get into as a developer. The design is not very intuitive at some places, and sometimes the javadoc is just not enough.

Hello Per, this guide that you have mentioned sounds very interesting to me. What do you think, could this guide be ready within the next 4 weeks?

Thank you for the work!

That is a reasonable timeframe, yes… is there something special you need it for?

Yes, maybe in the comings weeks i will have time to learn jme and one part of it i am mostly interested in is the physic system. And therefore a guide would be very helpful and welcome.

Hy Per, can you give me some information about the status of the physic guide? I want to jump into the physic engine these days and if there will come a guide in the very near future i will wait. Otherwise i will study the source code of the tests and that would be fine too.

The basics of jME-Physics is amazingly simple.  If you take a look at the tests it will be a forehead slapping event…it was for me. :slight_smile:


Yes, good to hear that, but i think a guide can help to avoid unnessessary beginner questions like the jme starter guide did for me. Whatever i will take a look in the sources tomorrow. I am really glad that i have found jme XD

Darn… you hadn't forgot :frowning: :wink:

Sorry, but nothing came out of it, though I have made a start. I might tidy that up and post it on the wiki. Otherwise, as said above, you can easily get started just by looking at the examples.

No problem :wink:

After a few hours of looking into the sources the basics are clear. Now i can play with them… XD

One question related to the topic of this thread. I have comment out all "updateWorldVectors()" calls in CompoundedObjectTest and i can't recognise any difference. Is a call of "updateWorldVectors()" still nessessary?