No pixel format found on a TNT 2 card


My problem is the LWJGL Display System throws an exception: Could not find a valid pixel format.

The video card in that machine is a NVidia Riva TNT 2.

Is that card good enough ? ( I read somewhere on this forum that somebody used it, don't know if it worked well. )

I also read something about activating Software mode for OpenGL with a parameter:

Dorg.lwjgl.opengl.Display.allowSoftwareOpenGL = true.

Doe anybody know how one can set this parameter for an applet ?

Thank you

not answering your questions, but wow, that's a really old card…almost 8 years old…my first 3d card was a voodoo2 and was almost in the same wave as this card :slight_smile:

Up to about a year ago I regularly used a TNT2 (on Windows XP) with jME without any problem. No need for software opengl, it's got pretty good hardware OpenGL support. Of course, make sure you install the nVidia drivers, rather than the default windows XP ones (with no real OpenGL support).

I downloaded the Nvidia lastest TNT / geforce 2 graphic drivers. seemed the update could not find useable drivers when trying to install.

Is there another location for older versions ? :slight_smile:

By the way the brand is "Diamond Viper V770"

Before the TNT2 i believe i had a 4mb 3dfx Magic… or something card, pretty cool if you think about it( i think it used the Glide API).

Thanks for the reply/info.


Nvidia keeps a archive (at least for xp/2000), lucky me.

It's a bit hidden but its here:

for other searching for Old driver compatability untill version 66.93 support  TNT 2  after that its over.

So does jME work now?

Yes with the 66.93 version from the archive it does,

Thanks for pointing that out

until a year ago i used a TNT 2 card too: slow but fully compatible.

so driver versions above 66.93 don't go well with jme?

It doesn't go well with the card itself. (not supported)

by "it" you mean the driver, right?