No scene display

hi I am new in jmonkey3. wheb i take a new scene and go to edit mode my terrain is not seen, but it is right there. so I am unable to edit scenes in scene editor. can anyone help me in this??

Did you try turning on the light?

yes. but there is no difference

Did you try moving the camera?

yes it does not show any texture or don’t show any difference I made. but when I exit the edit mode I can see the difference(putten textures) is there which the used.

wat…? Anyway, check out this video from 7:10 on:

thanks …my problem is solved

Would be good if you could state what the problem was so this thread helps others having the same issue.

In my windows 7 os, the problem is still unsolved but in ubuntu 14.04 when I attached a direction light the problem is solved. and I could see terrain well and edit it.

It should work without any light by just clicking on the lamp Symbol. I have to press it three times sometimes (on, off, on) but then it works :slight_smile: