No Water showing?

Hey, I’m giving Terrain and Water a try.

I’ve already successfully created my own height and alpha maps, now I want to add water. Here’s my code:

(chose to pastebin it, instead of dumping it all here).

Anyway, no water is showing. Any tips?

Well, your plane is just offscreen.

set it at 0,0,0 at first and then tweak the position.

btw you only add the terrain as the reflectionScene, you should make a scene node containing all but the water plain and attach it to the processor as the reflection scene.

Ah, that makes sense.

But do I have to create different planes for different areas of my map? Or can I create one big plane (invisible where the terrain is higher that the water level)? Or do I need separate planes?

You will need separate planes and waterprocessors for multiple water “levels”. For one level a big quad should be fine.