Node position

Hi All,

I'm new to JME. When I create a new Node object via command new Node("Name") where the Node object is located?

is it at (0,0,0)?

please help me

Thank u in advance


If a node is attached directly to your root scene node, then it's initial position in world space will be at 0,0,0 by virtue of the root scene node's position being at 0,0,0.  The new node can be changed by using the node's setLocalTranslation method – which is relative to the 0,0,0 of the root scene node.  If, however, a child node is attached to an original/parent node, then its initial position will be at the 0,0,0 of it's parent node and it's setLocalTranslation method will be relative to it's parent's 0,0,0.


Thank u very much!!