Node.rotate different ways lead to same result


I have a problem with rotation of geometries attached to nodes.
I’m getting the same result when I rotate an object in two different ways and I don’t understand why.
These two rotations are
Method 1) node.rotate((float)Math.toRadians(270),(float)Math.toRadians(0),(float)Math.toRadians(90));
Method 2) node.rotate((float)Math.toRadians(0),(float)Math.toRadians(270),(float)Math.toRadians(90));
I thought that the objects are rotated first around the X-axis, then the Y-axis and then the Z-axis.
This seems to be true for method one.
But if so the second method should lead to a different result. But the result is the same.
I’m really confused about this.

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Which version of the JME javadoc did you look at for the rotation ordering?

I don’t have a javadoc (please see my latest post)

If you think in terms of “extrinsic rotations” where the axes are unaffected by rotation, then the rotation order is x-z-y.

If you think in terms of “intrinsic rotations” where the axes rotate along with the object, then the rotation order is y-z’-x".

When in doubt:


Has your confusion been cleared up?