Node translation

Hi Again.
Back monkeying around with jmonkey, and there are more spanners in the works.

I can't place the wheels where I want them to be.

The wheel is split - 1 DPN w/cylinder geom, and 1 DPN as a mount point (joined by a rotational axis).
I want the mount point to be mounted & translatable and rotatable.
eg - provide steering and so on(good ol' double wishbone to start with, then play with uneven lengths, camber and castor, etc... not that I expect it to do much, but I want to have the modelling code)

   //attatch WITHOUT suspension
   private void attatchWheel(KonceptPhysics physics, Wheel wheel, Vector3f offset) {
//      DynamicPhysicsNode suspensionPoint = physics.createDynamicNode();
//      suspensionPoint.getLocalTranslation().set(offset);
//      Joint j = physics.getPhysicsSpace().createJoint();
//      j.attach(suspensionPoint, wheel.getMountPoint());
//      j = physics.getPhysicsSpace().createJoint();
//      j.attach(carNode, suspensionPoint);
      Joint j = physics.getPhysicsSpace().createJoint();
      j.attach(carNode, wheel.getMountPoint());
//      j.setAnchor(offset);

offset is the corner for the wheel. As can be seen, this is 'go kart' suspension, otherwise known as none.

This tends to use ode java... after the troubles that upgrading a previous project from jme1 to jme2 (which still doesn't work... but it wasn't fun anyway) I want to achieve minimal car functionality - drive & control, able to choose from a few drivetrain & suspension packages.

I've spent a while on this already, so I'm sure that I'm just missing something simple.

Oh - and I don't want a computationally efficient VehiclePhysicsNode - the point is to be able to change the drivetrain details, even to rear wheel steering.

Thanks  :)