Node's children depending on material?


While having a stab at importing .obj models, I stumbled upon this curious issue:

I created 3 simple boxes in max and exported them into .obj. Max is creating standard materials based on which color is assigned to the standard geometry in max. Two of the boxes got the same color. Two boxes green, one box red.

While trying to access the .obj model's children in jME  I noticed, that there are only 2 children. I figured out that only objects with different materials assigned on it, are recognized as different objects. I changed the boxes color again- three boxes with three colors and finally had a Node with 3 children in jME.

I don't think this is due to an error interrelated with max' standard geometry, I adept this with some downloaded models too…

Did somebody experience the same or did I just ignore something essential?

Well basically its optimizing your model to use less renderstates, wich i find kinda helpfull cause I have a level  builded in max out of boxes.(Do you really need the objects seperated? then saving them in one model is probably the false start anyway)

Thanks for your reply…

What about a model of a vehicle? Some parts of the model have to be rotated in that case, so I need to be able to separate my model…

2 ways, use a animated model in a different format (and play a animation for that car depending on speed so the whees rotate animated), or use seperate models as wheels

Well… Then I have to look over some different format of model… Thank you anyway for your information!

Heh strange, then again I don't use the obj importer at all (wrote my own for the format I use).

It would make more sense for it to share the renderstates, not combine meshes together.

As far as i know its only legit to use a renderstate at one point in a tree structure.