Nodes children not positioning properly

What i'm doing is trying to make a HUD, and doing this by creating a node which follows the camera around (always in the same location as the camera).  So I did this, but either my node is in the wrong spot, or its children aren't in the right spot, or i am doing something wrong.

i've been doing some reading about localtranslation nit picky things but I don't know if thats the case

here is the code for what i am trying to do

HUD = new Node("Hand display node");
        disk2.getLocalTranslation().set(new Vector3f(0.0f,0.0f,-400.0f));

cameraHome is a Vector3f containing the camera's position, disk2 is a model. scene is my rootnode.
what is happening is that the model is appearing just out of view on the upper left corner of the screen, so if back up my camera a bit it is visible in the top left corner.

if you render the hud node i the ortho queue, it will be rendered in 2d and you can use position from 0 to 640/480 for example.

did you see the HUD Tutorial  ?