Non Jmonkey Help needed for android app testing

NOTE: This isnt a jmonkey app but I am trying to figure out android development and most of the people here seem to have some android love.

I created a second test app. This one has really low resolution images so hopefully it will play on everyones phone

If you have time Its called Sil-a-Who.

The object is to drag as many animal images to their silhouette before time runs out.

I have a place holder sound that says “Mouse”. If that bugs you you can turn it off in the preferences.

So far my top score was 11 on a phone.

Only 8 on the tablet since you have to drag further.

Thanks for your help and please let me know what you tested it on and if it worked.


Loaded just fine on Google Nexus S.

Eventually realized I didn’t have to drag and drop though, I could just click directly on the silhouette, the animal would jump there and I could quickly adjust from there.

The score screen should be locked down for at leas 1 second. I frequently clicked through it too fast to see what had just happened.

Oh, and using the standard “physical” Back button I experienced some weird behavior, as I was taken through all the previous score screens before I could actually “back” my way out of the game.