Non-JMonkey : I released new android app. I need some testers

This is not JMonkey Related but if you have the time I need some Beta Testing for My New Android App

Thanks for any feedback

I am looking for new features so if you think of any let me know

Game Helper is a helper application for games :slight_smile:

6 sided dice up to 30 dice that can be sorted

20 sided dice up to 30 dice that can be sorted

Quarters to flip

Timer 30 sec, 1 min 5 min

Counter +1 -1

Wheel to spin

*Ad Supported

Its free please install it on your android devices and let me know how it behaves.

Its my first time using AdMob



HTC Desire - Android 2.3.3

worked flawlessly.

I didn’t see any ad’s (I have ad blockers - or they weren’t there yet)

great job :slight_smile:

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  • to me, starting with one die, then adding more makes more sense than starting with 15 on the screen.
  • would be nice to have the dice scale to fit the screen (e.g. a single die will take up full screen)

    features ideas:
  • use the accelerometer so you can shake the phone the roll the dice.
  • use volume buttons (or user defined button) for counter as additional input (so you don’t need to look at screen to action).

@ thetoucher Thanks for trying it out.

AdMob is a bit of a mystery to me. I can see the ads on my Tablet but the wifes phone doesn’t see them.

I Don’t know if you play any board or card games like shadowrun or D&D but if you think of any features I should add let me know.


ha your to fast :slight_smile: disregard last post

QrCode for link? to lazy to type in.

just go to the link in chrome, you can install it from there, way quicker and easier than QrCodes :wink: