Non-jmonkey project not compatible with jme SDK

The jme SDK is giving me a message on start up telling me that a non-jme project I have in the SDK is not compatible and I must update it before running (it runs fine). I’m not interested in upgrading this project, but I don’t want the message.
How do I get rid of the message?

Sorry, but what’s the point of running a non-jme project in the SDK? Even assuming the SDK is your favorite Java IDE, you’re probably better off with standard Netbeans instead.

Dunno what we can say. SDK (the latest) is based on Netbeans 12. So if you are not planning to use any older Netbeans at least. You can probably update. I imagine that this is some IDE specific data to update…

Can you show the error?

(can’t be copy/pasted)

My SDK is v3.2.4-stable. The error started coming up soon after I upgraded the engine (not the sdk).

I don’t think I need to upgrade because the project has always been on sdk v3.2.4-stable.

It’s not a JME related error. Are you using maven for your project or some other build tool?

Ah ok, yeah, I think that is not related to Netbeans. Indeed SDK related. With the classic ANT based game project the newer SDK always tries to convert your old projects to the current version (current as in SDK’s built-in version). And now it detects a disparity then.

I guess there is no way out. But I urge you to consider using newer SDK and as a bonus convert to Gradle project. The first one will most likely get the error out then if the versions match. Maybe…

I don’t think so.

This is a SDK related error:

Your project is a 3.0 SDK project and you use it in a 3.1+ SDK, thus it needs an upgrade.
According to it is an SDK project, not a plain netbeans project.

It may work for you because you don’t use SDK Libraries, but we’ve changed the names and ways they were called, so old references would leave you with broken build dependencies (e.g. in 3.0 there were only two dependencies: Core and Extras).

If you don’t ever use the project with jme libraries, you can ignore the warning, but you can also upgrade to get rid of them.
You can also backup your nbproject folder, because the upgrade process only edits the in there, see:

Also, you can probably edit that file, so that you don’t get that warning anymore