Non-planar water

The jME engine, docs, and wiki have a lot of nice stuff to say about water effects. The stuff you can do looks fabulous. But in all of them, they seem to assume your water is going to be a plane. In my situation, I have a whole planet, that you can fly around on, or zoom away from, and see as a sphere. My water is therefore not a plane, as you can see below.

Unfortunately, I do not know much about the filters and postprocessors that were used to create the water effects in jME3, so (unlike the mesh, for example, that is my planet’s land) I don’t know how to customize those things to my spherical setting. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

jme doesn’t support that out of the box… You might have some success in trying around with the SimpleWater and a sphere a bit… What you would need for the reflection cam is basically a camera with at least 180° frustum or an array of cameras so the reflection can come from all these angles.

Or you go the other way round and try using an EnvironmentMap and project the texture there (see the according test).

I’m not so worried about reflection as I am about waves and fogginess for depth. My planet is just in space, so it would mostly be reflecting sun and stars, and the “sun” reflects with specular right now.

Okay, just put the SimpleWater material on a sphere and see how far that gets you.

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If I don’t include the plane-related aspects of the code, add a sky box or sphere to my scene, and only ask the water sphere to reflect the sky, it comes out great! (With way-too-large waves, of course, but I’ll fix that.)

It’s not yet transparent water, but I’ll try to figure that out on my own and reply here if I can’t. But first…to find a better sky sphere…

Thanks, normen!

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