Non RigidBody Controls drops down fps insanely!


So while i’m working on this nice mmorpg , i had troubles with NpcControl which extends CharacterControl , the only problem was when i have just very few npcs created (with NPCControl) , the fps will drop from 60 to like 10 which is very bad and causes pulsative lags ,i also tried GhostControl, the same, however when i use a RigidBodyControl , fps will stay around 60 however collision doesn’t work well (sometimes collide and sometimes don’t) , so i most probably am thinking that there is a bug there somewhere, i’ve profiled the project and all, doesn’t seem that i have anything that’s bad,not clean or redundant , any ideas?

Yeah, bullets character isn’t really optimized… Maybe try using your own means to create a character. Plenty solutions on the forum, simplest start is a simple downwards ray test to stick to the floor. Maybe combine with a RagDollControl.

well the only thing that worked ok with tweaking some settings was the VehicleControl which extended the RigidBodyControl , but i notice lags on collisions as well :S

Not really, physics itself works fine, also many objects. Question is how you use it. This is nothing specific to jME3, this is how jbullet/bullet works.