Non Squared Pictures - Android Problem


I’ve updated the toneg0d gui library to the latest version.
I’m using a non squared picture of 1280x800 pixels for my menu background, and before the update it works fine in my two android devices (Xperia S and BQ Edison 2).
After the update the image is not loaded. If I use a squared picture, the image is loaded but if I use a not squared one, the image is not loaded, even if the image is a power of two (1024x512 doesn’t work).

toneg0d, have you make some change that could explain this behaviour? Any suggestion to solve this issue are welcome.


Try cleaning & building the project. It may be a caching issue.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll see if I can reproduce it here.

EDIT: Also, try uninstalling the previous version before running it on your device again.

I’ve cleaning & building the project and it doesn’t work.
I have also desinstalled the apk before running it again and it doesn’t work.

Ok… gonna run a few tests and see what I can come up with.

Will let you know as soon as I do =)

Can’t repro this issue so far (tested on a few devices)

I’m running a game that uses an atlas that is 2048 x 512 and all seems to be fine.

What is the problem device?
And can you post the image you are having issues with?

Um… guess it would be good if I posted the few devices

ASUS Transformer
Samsung Note 3
Samsung Tab 2
HannsSpree HannsPad

All of these devices worked, though I do know that not all devices that require power of 2 images support non-square power of two images.

I have a similar issue with standard JME, with a plain quad with a 1024x512 texture. It’s rendered black but somehow it seems to happen in the GuiNode only, maybe I’m wrong.
Anyway I found a workaround that may not be optimal but I guess it worth the try. It seems it’s a mipmap issue on some device so setting the texture MinFilter to BilinearNoMipMap fixed the issue for me.


Thank you for the answers.
The two devices are:

  • Xperia S (LT26i)
  • Bq Edison 2 Quad Core

As nehon suggested, I’ve added the following line:


And now is working.
It’s strange because before the last toneg0dGUI update the picture was showed without problems (and without the BilinearNoMipMaps).

It’s a weird issue, because it seems it’s not systematic, and it sometimes occurs on squared textures too for me (even power of 2).


Ugh sorry… my post got et’ yet again. Yes, I tested this (in reverse) as well… as I had them set this way… and that’s why my test didn’t show the same results.

I made the switch to the library to account for font smoothing issues I was getting complaints about. I’ll add a check for Android and make this happen automatically.

Thanks so much for this info @nehon !!