None has ever answerd my 6 last posts but I'll still give this a shoot


Thanks for readin, more thanks for replying!

I got this problem!

I use KeyBindingManager to get key inputs.

Now if I press u then it will say that i keep pressing it until next button is pressed!

Which is terrebly wrong if your making a car game.

So I tried to set "setAlwaysRepeatableKeyCodes" and made a set used it in that method.

What did it do!?

Nothing! Absolutley nothing!

I though that it would make it only react on keys that are actually down, but it does no diffrence :frowning:

Im dicapointed please answer and give me some kind of hint to solve this

because I cant seem to add KeyListerner to this…

Have you tried simplifying it?  Perhaps something like this:

public void update(float tpf){
          //perform action

Can you post your code that details the use of KeyBindingManager?

Thanks for anwering :slight_smile:

But I got it working, it was just that I forgot to reset the velocity…