Noob: Graphics card gamma value


I am fairly new to jME but I have installed JME2 and running it successfully. I have a quick question which I hope someone can answer for me. When running a JME application, I want it to query the graphics card values for gamma, brightness and contrast and have these settings saved rather than using the default values of these respectively.

I am using and looking at the DisplaySystem class for this to see if it has any methods to query the underlying graphics system of the user desktop, but it does not. All it has is the BCG values initialised to defaults and user passes in values manually.

I am new to this so I can be wrong. I have checked the docs and forums but cannot find anything. Any ideas and suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks in advance,


This would be something that needs to be done from the OpenGL binding.  Looking around the web I haven't been able to find much, though it looks like people set it in Win32

It's weird though, I don't see anything about retrieving the Gamma