Noob problem


First of all I want to tell that my problem i a noob problem, so please dont laugh. I have my own jme project and can someone tell me step by step what I must do to put it on my website as a webstart application. J know that j musc compile it but a dont know how to do it, what option clikc whar file upload into webserver etc. I know how to write in jme but I dont know how to put id on the website :frowning: that is soo supid. I hope thet someone write me a full manual of how to solve my problem.

TIA guys, and please be tolerant to me :slight_smile:

this is no noob question. i've been programming for about 10 years and i don't know it either.

Hello, As HamsterOfDeath has pointed out, this is not an easy question… Specially since it depends so heavily on what you know about FTP, servers, etc.

  If you already have a server somewhere and it allows SFTP protocol, then (assuming you are a Windows User) you can download the non-commercial ssh client from, then you can connect to your server and more or less painlessly upload your JAR files to the html public directory (typically html_public or something like that).

  After that, you can use Darkfrog’s webstart creator To create your JNLP file and also upload it to your server… after it, it is just debugging, trial and error, and a lot of headaches…  :wink: But in the end, it should work.

aderal said:

J know that j musc compile it but a dont know how to do it, what option clikc whar file upload into webserver etc.

If you really don't know how to compile your program, you are far, far away from publishing webstart applications with native libraries and all that. Start with the jME basics on the wiki, you will find there how to set up a build environment (IDE) to compile your program.

If I just misunderstood you and you already know how to compile your program, follow these steps:

  • Create a jar (java archive) containing your project's classes and possibly resources. If you don't know how to do that, read

  • Sign the jar or it won't be able to run with sufficient rights on the user's machine. See for that.

  • Find darkfrog's webstart creator tool on this forum, and let it create a jnlp file for you. If you want to know what's going on, read

  • upload the jnlp file, along with all jars and native libraries it references, to your webserver - how to do that depends much on your server, ask the server admin for help.