NOOB question: Printable user's guide?

Getting back to the original topic  …

If anyone is still interested, I've already gone through the process of extracting the information from the Wiki and putting it in a PDF files. I've done this for the "User Guide" Wiki, "Learning jME" Wiki, "FlagRush Tutorial" Wiki, and several others. I did this on May 3, so the information in there is whatever was available at the time. Unfortunately there aren't any working links in these documents, it was a straight print to file operation, but i'st all in the right order. If I can have some place to upload them I'll gladly do so. Keep in mind that some of these documents are 2MB+

Cool, thanks!

superb work!

Thank you!

BTW: Still no frog bashing subboard  :? Should be created immediately!

BTW: Still no frog bashing subboard  huh Should be created immediately!

I have a strong feeling that this is political incorrect and heavily discriminating against one of the pillars of this community.

... lets create a general basing / ranting subboard instead.

such a sub-board already exists. it's called "Offtopic".

such a sub-board already exists. it's called "Offtopic".

Then maybe renaming it would suffice ?

why rename it?

… because almost nobody uses it for bashing and ranting and keeps polluting the rest of the boards  …  ://  just like us here  :smiley:

Returning to the main topic of this thread (not to say I do not enjoy the friendly bashing against Darkfrog and the elegant way he deals with it -Go Darkfrog  XD–), I want to say thanks for the PDFs, they realy made my day because now I can look at jME info on my handheld without even be online!  8)

i believe there was a pdf export plugin for dokuwiki which created a pdf from each page when it was changed.

there were also a few nice® UI templates available.

What if we make a rule that off-topic statements can be made in any thread so long as something on-topic is still mentioned in the post? :wink:

Good!, That would make my last post valid and on-topic in that extended sense  :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. Almost forgot, to be on-topic this very time: Is there any way the PDF's could be made into a two-column version too? It would really help readability in my Palm.  :wink:

i don't think you can set up more than one printing layout in dokuwiki. dokuwiki has only a single print.css file  :expressionless: