Noobish question FengGui (dont get it work)

can anyone help me setting up fengGui in eclipse 3.2 …

i downloaded the fenggui.jar from the fenggui page and add it to my project libarys

but i cant use (see) any classes from this jar ???

please help me :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you added the FengGUI.jar in your Projects 'Java Build Path' -> Libraries?

Exactly what kind of error do you get?

i added it … i dont get any error … i just cant see any classes

i see the fenggui.jar in my project but i cant explore it to see the packages and classes (there is no little cross)

could it be that the fenggui.jar is corrupted  (got it from here: )

maybee someone can give me an alternative link

looooool … i downloaded it again and it works … sry for disturbing