Normal mapping forum threads 1 year old, how about NM in jME3?

Hello Guys!

I was looking for how JME3 handles Normal mapping since it didn’t work (or work well) in JME2. It was the main reason me and my friends decided not to use JME2.

Now when I’m searching in the wiki and forums, my only finds are 1 year old threads about NM.

But maybe more interesting there are now shaders with parallax mapping.

So, it would be great if you could answer these short questions:

  1. Is NM working in JME3?
  2. Should you use parallax mapping instead and is it fully functional for JME3?



Parallax mapping shader:[]=shader

Old normal mapping thread:

Normal and parallax mapping are working in JME3, they are included in the material system.

For an overview on the material system, you can read this

Look the lighting material in particular, it can use a normal map or a parallax map.

For a demo look in the test cases for TestNormalMapping, or TestHoverTank those models are both using normal mapping

Thank you very much!

I’ll convince my friends to use JME3 instead because I can’t see any reason why not :slight_smile:

Also in the hovertank note the glowmap :slight_smile: its a really cool feature and I cannot imagine one game where there is no use for :wink: